Why is a logo important for your business?

It is already worth using professionally created design when you are about to kick-off a new, valuable business, or when you decide that it is time to change and renew the existing company image. Both situations demand experienced care, as a bad design can easily lead to a negative customer experience, which you want to avoid.

What is a logo actually?

The logo is usually a visually appealing symbol related to your service activities, representing the owners, the values, culture, and the company as a whole. A business logo is similar to a personal signature: it is unique and distinctive from others and can be remembered easily. The logo is the basis of the company image representing your products and services. It conveys the corporate values and it is your primary identifier in the market. The best logos help you stand out from the crowd and raise the organization above the competition. Any advertising activity is unimaginable without it.

Your business will also be easier to remember after a meeting if you close it by handing over an aesthetically designed business card with your well-designed logo on it. Your business success can depend on such little things as the logo’s type, the font style, and the chosen colors – a firm reason why you should rely on experts when it comes to design service!

Types of logo Design

A logo can demonstrate a specific or abstract design, while text-only logos, for example, Coca-Cola or ‘text and emblem’ logos like Adidas or Haribo are common as well. There is no clear formula of what works best, but there are clearly defined trends each year. The emotions these logos generate in people can be so strong that many times it is no longer necessary to see the name of the company, they immediately know, which company or industry it is and what products they have. One of the best examples is the golden letter “M” of McDonald’s: its style and type differentiate the company clearly from its biggest competitors (Burger King, KFC).

Importance of having a professionally-made vector logo Design

Sometimes your ideas are hard to put into words and figuring out the core idea becomes an issue. After a thorough discussion and briefing, an experienced designer can provide you logo ideas that represent your activities as a reliable service provider in front of your future customers or clients in a professional manner.

A professional logo design builds trust in the prospective client. A potential buyer is much more willing to do business with a company that has a fair visual appearance. A company image based on a free-to-use logo designer might evoke questions by your customers whether your services and products are of the same quality.

The logo design must be scalable, meaning it looks good in all sizes. The logo appears on many platforms, including business cards, websites, advertisements, brochures, or billboards, and it needs to keep its quality appearance (sharpness) in any size. Therefore, it is usually worth thinking in simplified, stylized forms that are somehow tied to the company’s core activities, or in a very characteristic, easily associated motif that potential customers may associate with the right feeling in the future.

If you are looking for logo creation service, don’t hesitate to contact us – we will make sure to represent your goals and style in a professionally made vector logo that works the best for you and your target audience!

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