Why do you need to have an attractive banner design?

Banner Design Service

An official website is excellent for brand building, it is a must-have solution to stay in contact with your customers and for direct communication with them, however, first, you need to attract and retain them on your platforms to inspire them for browsing and shopping. Banners will support your goals to lure interested visitors to your page. In this article, we share all the must-know information about banner design.

What is a banner?

The banner is a commonly used direct-marketing tool that appears on other websites and online pages as an advertisement. Google and other systems offer advertising interfaces to generate traffic to different businesses’ landing pages. These ads promote your offered service or products for potential customers based on search engines. The banner design usually have different sizes and forms related to how you want to present your advertisement, adjusted to your style and campaign, and of course, the environment in which they will be published.

Another meaning of a banner is when you see the first enormous image on the top of a Facebook page – it is called a Facebook banner.

An attractive banner

Visual appearance, which requires content-related, beautiful designs, is an essential step when developing and designing a website. A great styled image can attract customer attention, and express much more much faster than long texts.

A well-chosen banner design will inspire potential clients to become interested in your offer, to click on it, and stay longer on your website. Due to living in a highly stimulated time period, people will rely on their visual instinct that can be used to positively influence and engage them to be more open to what you are selling.

And why this structure? Research shows that the square-shaped banner with static images of the product reaches the highest conversion rate (79,36%).

What kind of benefits does a banner offer for your website?

A well-placed ad will generate higher traffic to your page. When designing a banner advertisement, never forget where it is going to be published, as different advertisement networks may require different sizes or even content. As the banner is among the largest possible online ads, it will naturally channel the eye to the right place. If the image and the text are catchy and resonate with the target audience, it will easily win you new clients.

On the other hand, you can also plan to have additional places on your own website for other advertisers’ banners. Even today it can generate significant financial value for your business.

What makes a good banner design

If you have a special campaign, it will elevate your business’ professional image when you alter your banner design to the campaign. It is essential for a good banner to:

  • include your business’ logo
  • show appealing, attractive imagery, easy-to-read fonts, and color combinations related to the offering and the campaign
  • be trendy and innovative
  • resonate with the target audience both in design and in content.

Are you planning to have a banner design advertisement, but not sure where to start? Check out our website and contact us – we will ensure to create the best matching banner for your ad campaign!

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